Engineering Management – Specialisation Civil Engineering

In addition to the study programmes offered exclusively by the department Civil Engineering and Geodesy there is the degree programme Engineering Management – Specialisation Civil Engineering at the Technische Universität Darmstadt. The Department 1 (law and economic sciences) is responsible for this study programme, but approximately 50% subjects involve civil engineering.

If you are interested in technical questions but also interested in business administration, economics and law, the study programme Engineering Management might be the right choice for you. The programme combines economics and law with civil engineering.

Of Two Minds

An engineering manager is of two minds because he/she is both engineer and businessperson. He/she understands the technical context and the language of engineers. He/she has approaches from both legal and business aspects and is able to mediate between business people and engineers.

With the combination of business knowledge and technical know-how engineering managers are especially sought after in areas where business and technical problems collide. Common application areas are e.g.:

  • Distribution
  • Controlling
  • Quality management
  • Business consultancy
  • Leading Positions

Diversified and Interdisciplinary

Students of Engineering Management attend the same lectures as students of Civil Engineering. They work on the same projects and discuss the same problems.

They also visit lectures in business management, economics and law. This every day routine requires a great deal of mental flexibility from the student but at the same time offers a high degree of interdisciplinary contact and diversity during the course of studies.

133% Engineering Manager

The engineering manager education at the Technische Universität Darmstadt pursues a 4/3 principle, with each two thirds of economic and two thirds of engineering studies. The workload is therefore higher than in other study programmes, but the chances on the job market are extremely good for graduates from the TU Darmstadt as a result of their interdisciplinary training. In various university rankings the study programme of Engineering Manager at the Technische Universität Darmstadt ranks among the top three.

You can find further information and contact details on the study programme Engineering Manager on the site of the department 1 – Law and Economic Sciences.