Career Prospects

You receive a well-founded and at the same time broad-based and eclectic academic education in both courses of studies, Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and Geodesy and Master of Science in Civil Engineering. A variety of professional opportunities is open to you after your successful graduation. We would like to outline these fields of activity for you.

In advance, a few explanatory notes concerning career prospects:

  • Even today there is an acute shortage of graduates in civil engineering and geodesy on the German job market.
  • The number of first-semester students is not sufficient to serve the expanded occupational field in Germany and abroad with well-educated experts in future.
  • The construction industry is still one of the branches with the highest trade volume in the German economic system.

Fields of Activity

With a completed degree at the department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Technische Universität Darmstadt you have outstanding career opportunities within interesting and varied fields of activity. As in all branches, this requires a certain mobility and flexibility on your part. The following examples of interesting fields of activity show the variety of career opportunities. You might find your job in private enterprises, in administration or in research and development, e.g. in

  • contracting businesses
  • engineering consultants
  • civil service
  • real estate companies
  • IT-companies
  • development aid
  • traffic companies
  • water and sewage systems
  • construction machine industry
  • construction industry associations
  • building materials industry
  • academic research
  • etc.

in Germany, in Europe or around the world.

Occupation Examples

In addition to the high variety of activity fields, your knowledge in civil engineering allows a broad spectrum of occupations, for example:

  • construction manager
  • facility manager
  • IT-specialist
  • constructing engineer
  • project developer
  • project manager
  • project planer
  • project leader
  • structural engineer
  • executive manager of a company
  • etc.