Berufschancen und Tätigkeitsfelder


… you will become a civil engineer – what will you actually be doing? You can see the answer every day a thousand times. In every building there are ideas, designs, calculations and work on site done by civil engineers, be it traffic routes or skyscrapers, tunnels or bridges, embankment dams or canal systems. Whatever you will be doing, your work will be sustainable and will be important not only for other people but also exciting for yourself.

“What is the difference between an architect and a civil engineer?”

The civil engineer is the person between the blue print on paper and the building in reality. That is to say, the architect designs his idea mainly theoretically; the civil engineer analyses this idea with regard to feasibility. The engineer offers suggestions for improvement, plans the best possible realisation, coordinates the building project and finally supervises the carrying out of the project. He/she also develops financing and operating models and participates in the usage of the building. For this a lot of technical know-how as well as good ideas, a clear view of the situation and a lot of organisational skills are necessary.

If you believe…

… that civil engineers only calculate the bold designs of others you are greatly mistaken. Your ideas find their way into the building as well as into the planning and building organisation without which the buildings would never be erected. But as a civil engineer you not only construct, plan and build buildings, you also supervise project development and financial management. You might even be found at the computer using CAD, process engineering or logistics applications. And as a civil engineer you are also in charge of completed buildings in the area of building management.

Women in Civil Engineering

Meanwhile almost 30% of all civil engineering students are female – with rising tendency. The picture on construction sites will therefore change over time and we would be happy if you would play a part in the development.