Organisation of the Study Programme

The Bachelor programme Civil Engineering and Geodesy is designed for three years or six semesters. Altogether the fulfilment of 180 credit points (ECTS) is required for graduation. The calculation is as follows: 1 CP (credit point) amounts to 30 hours of estimated work load. Most courses are designed for 6 credit points. The average amount of credit points to be obtained per semester is 30.

Additionally a practical training in a subject-specific branch of profession of at least 60 days is required, which has to be accomplished before the course of studies begins or during the semester break.

The course of studies is divided into the following essential parts:

Compulsory basic study courses

  • basic study period (modules in the amount of 87 CP), in which fundamental knowledge in natural science is imparted.

Compulsory professional studies

  • basic knowledge of the entire spectrum of civil engineering in the amount of 36 CP
  • bachelor thesis with 6 CP

Compulsory elective professional studies

  • the students choose one of the following profiles (amount 36 CP ) to gain specialised knowledge for an ensuing course of studies Master of Science or first professional experiences.
    • Construction Engineering
    • Construction Management
    • Infrastructure
    • Water and Environment
  • additional modules from the professional studies in the amount of 6 CP

Interdisciplinary courses

  • within the “Studium Generale”, courses in the amount of 9 CP must be chosen from the humanities, social sciences or interdisciplinary courses

With their bachelor thesis as the conclusion of the study programme the students show their ability to work independently on a civil engineering problem while applying scientific methods.

You can find details on the study programme including the academic regulations in the download section of this website. All documents are in German.

Please also note, that all courses are taught in German. For further information about language and other formal requirements please contact the Akademische Auslandsamt.