Flexibilität und Individualität

Flexibility and Individuality

Within the limits of the academic regulations the student is able to design his course of studies Master of Science in Civil Engineering in a flexible and individual fashion.

The choice of modules for the elective courses (at least 18 CP) can be very flexible, which means the student can also choose from different academic areas.

The student chooses a topic for his or her master’s thesis on the basis of personal interest. Due to the scope of the thesis (24 CP, approximately 6 months duration), it can also be done at a foreign partner university

Credit Points from foreign or other German universities can be accredited so long as equivalence can be demonstrated.

Due to this flexibility every student is in a position to design his/her own individual examination schedule. The assembly of the individual examination schedule is coordinated through advising by the appointed mentor (a professor of the department). In this way the academic and scientific qualification of the course of studies is ensured’.