Why is the TU Darmstadt Special?

In the study programme Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and Geodesy there is special focus on interdisciplinary education and the qualification of students. The students profit from the wide range of institutes and the resulting broad spectrum of teaching. With it there is the possibility to build a wide base in the first three semesters. Given this basis emphasis can be placed on individual interests and skills from the 4th semester on.

The Technische Universität Darmstadt has well-equipped computer workstations for students. Furthermore the central university library provides an extensive range of literature. Students of this study programme also profit from learning in small groups. This allows for individual and intensive supervision.

In addition professional competence in and of itself, independent project work and project presentation have a growing significance for later working life. Corresponding skills are taught in seminars and projects from the first semester on. Furthermore, the students profit from the international contacts of the departments, which reach from Finland to South Africa and from the US to Japan.

Through the numerous test laboratories, the Centre for Graphic Data Processing, Centre for Integrated Traffic Systems (ZIV – Zentrum für Integrierte Verkehrssysteme), the Fraunhofer Institute and many more, you have the perfect preconditions at the Technische Universität Darmstadt to enhance your knowledge and qualifications and to participate in research projects, some in cooperation with firms.